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Bodyterranean - show review - Greek, 2019

A review of Bodyterranean - the show at the Michael Cacoyiannis foundation, Athens, 24-25/01/2019, by an important web page as

My interview to Massimiliano Damaggio for the important literature blog "Perìgeion"

Interview to Alessio Surian, researcher and professor at the Padova University, for the renowned italian academic journal "il Giornale della Musica"

My interview before the world premiere of Bodyterranean - the show, to Ilenia Christou, of the important on-line music magazine "Mousikogramma"

Simone Mongelli - Article - Greek

My article for the important on-line music magazine "Music Paper", in the section "Invitations"

Review of Bodyterranean - the show, by Maria Stella Binikou, of the on-line art magazine "Artic"

Review of the album Bodyterranean, by Christoph Schumacher, for the german magazine "Folker"

Review of my album Bodyterranean, published by Alessio Surian on the Italian world music blog "Blogfoolk"

A list of various publications about me and Bodyterranean, from Greek on-line magazines and platforms

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